How to Pick Up Girls at a Party

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A question I get asked often. The answer is simple – be yourself, have confidence and don’t worry about what other people think! This article will show you how to pick up girls without embarrassment or anxiety. If you are shy then take the time to read this first so that when it comes to talking to women in bars or clubs you can do it confidently, naturally and with ease.

First of all, let’s look at where we meet our potential partners for dating and relationships. Most likely if you’re reading this article, you’re single and looking for love. Where else could you find them but at parties and social events? So why not use some basic party pickup techniques which work every time. These skills will help you attract any girl you like regardless of her age, appearance or whether she knows who you are. You’ll never need to feel intimidated, nervous or tongue tied again as long as you follow these steps.

Relax and enjoy your night out; remember there is no right way or wrong way to approach a woman. Just make sure you talk to lots of different ones, because after all isn’t variety the spice of life! There are loads of great articles on internet showing exactly how men should act around women. They give tips on everything from eye contact, body language and general conversation. But here’s my quick version of those top 10 things they suggest men do.


It sounds obvious but it works wonders. When approaching anyone smile big and broad. Give an open confident greeting by using their name. Be polite and friendly. Don’t ignore someone just because they are dressed inappropriately. Remember everyone has bad days.

Be assertive

Approach someone face on and introduce yourself. Offer to buy drinks for the person next to you. Make eye contact, even stare into her when you speak. Never sit behind someone chatting over their shoulder. Keep smiling and saying hello until the lady actually looks back at you. And always ask questions. Ask for advice, opinions or suggestions about something.

Don’t go overboard

One thing guys tend to forget is that women aren’t interested in you unless you want them too…so don’t push your interest onto them. Women hate being pestered. She may say yes to one drink but you shouldn’t keep asking her. Let her decide. Always leave room for rejection.

Keep conversations light and fun

Talking to strangers is scary enough without having to listen to endless boring stories about themselves. Get involved in the conversation, but only after you’ve had a few drinks. Avoid starting sentences with ‘you know’ and ‘I’m really sorry’. Instead try to use humor. For example, “you know Sally likes horses” instead of “do you know Sally?” Also avoid clichés like “You look hot tonight!” Try to relate the experience back to something you both share together.

Ask interesting questions

Talk about anything except sex (women are embarrassed enough already). Find common ground between yourselves. Maybe you both collect vintage cars? Or maybe you both live nearby? Whatever the case, find something to connect with.

Give compliments

Compliments build attraction faster than anything else. Tell her she smells nice, looked stunning etc. Look for unique ways to compliment her rather than generic comments. Here’s an idea; tell her how much you admire her dress, shoes, hair style or jewelry. Say “your lipstick matches your eyes perfectly”. Then repeat later “Your lips match your gorgeous eyes.” Even better try to add something personal, like “that necklace is absolutely amazing, I wish I was brave enough to wear it myself.”

Tell jokes

Jokes are great ice breakers. Nothing beats telling funny stories to start off a conversation. You won’t regret doing it once you see the reaction on her face. Start slow though and make sure they are appropriate. Don’t joke about rape, murder or drugs. Stick to more upbeat comedy.

Show interests

Showing interest means listening and responding properly. Listen to her answers and respond accordingly. Don’t interrupt her mid-sentence. Don’t laugh before she does either. Wait till she finishes and then reply.

Listen carefully

Sometimes people don’t realize they sound patronizing. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything she says. However, if you disagree politely and respectfully it shows respect for her opinion. Listening also shows you care about what she says.

Touch occasionally

Touching another person’s hand while speaking or patting someone on the arm lets them know you are thinking of them. Hold the door open for ladies or offer to carry bags. If you’re feeling romantic perhaps lean across the table and kiss her cheek ever now and then. Again, don’t rush it. Slow builds passion and desire.

Have fun

This is the main point of going out. Enjoy meeting new people and letting loose a little bit. Have fun with the whole process.

So there you have it, step by step guide to picking up girls at a party. Follow these guidelines and you will soon become an expert at making connections and getting dates. Happy Partying!

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10 reasons why men ghost you after first date

girl with phone

Every day in different areas of our globe one girl because the man after the first appointment was gone cries at least. It seems to her that the reason only in her or “he is such rascal! And why I run on such”. Let’s understand. There are at least 10 reasons why so happens.

1. Complaints and whining

The woman on the first appointment throws out all the problems, cares and difficulties on the man. Why did you go on a date? If it is necessary to be uttered, either to the psychologist, or to the girlfriend.

2. Loss of Control

There are women (and men too, but we now about girls) who are not able to control themselves in the companies. Especially after a glass sparkling or what is stronger than. It not the most pleasant show if the man does not drink. Begin to behave provocatively. Do not control the gestures, rushes, the speech.

 3. Expectation / Reality

If got acquainted on a dating site and the girl has photos only from a photoshoot there: smart images, make-up, laying. And in life it walks in jeans and a t-shirt. Discrepancy of an image. Men visualize, and first of all to them “picture” is important too.

4. Hidden Aggression

The girl on the first appointment behaves aggressively and projects the discontent with men or last relationship on that person with someone kept the appointment, pins up, depreciates, corrects the speech, manners, knows more better it all about what he tells, interrupts. The man went on a date with the woman, but not with the rival with whom it is necessary to be measured by merits.

5. Too Easy

The man could go on a date with the purpose “to come to it on a cup of tea”, and she in general was does not mind. There are two options: or they will amicably disperse, or, most likely, the man will perceive this woman as the person for satisfaction of the requirements. Or will be gone because there was a purpose – and it is reached.

making love in bed

 6. Pickup Artist

Also, could or on a bet, or for the personal tick to go on a date with the girl. For itself closed requirement (achievement) and went to set the new purposes.

 7. Just it did not work out

Both the man, and the woman are adequate. And, it seems, could continue communication. But either he, or she were frightened of something, something guarded, for the reasons were not ready to go further and instead of speaking these moments, just decided to close this story silently.

8. Disinterest

The woman kept the appointment and broadcasts absolute indifference to the man. Sits in phone. Stirs by phone if called. Not included in dialogue.

 9. Waiting Mode

Everything was fine. Then the man and the truth had urgent matters, work, the processes, and he all went to the tasks. The woman did not show interest further, and it was ashamed to write and call then too. She waits. And he waits. To her it is inconvenient. And to it is inconvenient. Besides, everything goes from the fact that the man and the woman are not able to talk openly.

 10. Lack of Attraction

It is simply banal it was not pleasant. In her everything is good. In it too everything is normal. But so happens. Her some traits of character / an appearance / manner to speak pushed away. Or just indifference, and he did not want to waste time any more. Perfectly spent time, dispersed and did not meet any more.

From the above-mentioned it is possible to draw a conclusion: there is no certain template of female and male behavior where it is possible to calculate, someone is guilty and why so happened.

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What sex men want by temperament


We found out how behave in a bed of the man of different temperaments.

Approach to sex at men with different temperaments considerably differs. We can guess for hours that made not so, and we can study properly what sex will be safe for hundred percent. In our interests to meet expectations of the partner as studying male behavior in many respects provides stability of family.

Women who know how to pacify appetite of the man can sleep peacefully, but with care. Together with the psychologist we tried to describe sexual behavior of men of different temperaments, and you needed to understand to what of them your life partner belongs.

How to satisfy the choleric person?

The choleric person is a disturbing extrovert. Strong, unbalanced and very active. Process of excitement of nervous system at him prevails over braking process.

That is it quickly flashes, but also quickly dies away, easily is fond, but also easily switches to other object. Shows emotions violently, speaks loudly, is silent seldom, waves a hand vigorously, goes quickly, cannot long sit in one place. It is unlikely the choleric person will take off from himself the last shirt and will give her on the charitable purposes, but on effective tricks the money at him will always be.

    The choleric person in sex should be surprised. In the dark quietly and under a blanket – it is not its style.

The choleric person always waits for an opportunity to prove and break an enthusiastic applause. He should be admired. You say to him that he is beautiful, sexual that everything was tremendous and you never with anybody had no so many orgasms. The more you praise him, the more he tries. Usually we say that the man should not show at an initial stage the attitudes all your sexual skills, but the choleric person needs to give something at once, he has to be surprised, remember this sex. But you should not open all the arsenal for one session, dose.

With the choleric person he has to play the main party therefore prepare a stage: music, candles, aromas, beautiful linen. Let everything will be unusual, let sex will begin in a corridor, and you, gradually throwing off from itself clothes, will move to the bedroom. Everything has to be similar to the stage from the movie, the choleric person wants to feel as the hero, the main character. With him it is possible to have sex in the pool, on the beach near the moon. In a case with the choleric person the surroundings are the most important, and the sex can be there for 10 minutes.

How to satisfy the sanguine person?

The sanguine person too the extrovert, but with low uneasiness. He is almost not broken through and can be deaf to others emotions. Fundamental difference between the sanguine person and the choleric person – uneasiness level. Sanguine persons have a sober mind, high level of thrift, very high performance, big ambitions.

Sanguine persons love the power, and, having received it, they perfectly realize the potential. These are the best heads. The sanguine person puts on is practical, functionally, according to the status not to be allocated, but to correspond. His case will not be crowded with unnecessary things, but the suitable clothes on any case at it will be.

    The sanguine person – the main consumer of sexual skill, the main sexy gourmet and the glutton.

Here you should work. Already on start it is necessary to show working intimate muscles, to show 150 methods of oral sex, and to further show all new and new. If you undertake the sanguine person (and successful men most often sanguine persons), then to learn to master new sexy technicians it is necessary constantly. The sanguine person – the technical lover, with him sex can be hours-long. With the sanguine person extravagant tricks are not necessary, it is not necessary to be killed about an esthetics too, sanguine persons are people practical, nothing superfluous is necessary that did not distract.

The sanguine person likes technical correct sex and hardy, skillful partners. If your man – the sanguine person, it is necessary to train endurance, to take dancing classes, sport, to train intimate muscles and muscles of a mouth. To be able with him it is correct to talk, communicate, understand him and to be clear to him and also not to undermine the self-assessment on the sanguine person, it is necessary to complete special psychological courses or to descend on individual consultation to the psychologist. Because if you have a mobile mentality, it will be very difficult for you.

How to satisfy the phlegmatic person?

The phlegmatic person is already the introvert, besides with the lowest degree of uneasiness. The phlegmatic person has a sluggish inexpressive mimicry, he will hardly be soul of the company, but he is absolutely non-conflicting, responsible and if it undertook something, then will finish business. The phlegmatic person is that type of the man who marries only when there is a woman who will take him by hand and everything will organize: will take away him in a registry office, will transport its things from mother to itself or itself to him will move.

Most often for the phlegmatic person the marriage is a smooth transition from mother to the wife, thus after the wedding all maternal functions are automatically shifted to the wife. The phlegmatic person – the faithful husband. He is too lazy and conservative to seek to itself(himself) adventures elsewhere. If to him houses normally, he even does not look around.

    The phlegmatic person is interested in the pleasure.

It for certain already has the settled scenarios of proximity, and he will hardly want to change them. It is especially important to put intimate muscles in order if it is about the phlegmatic person. With him it is the obligatory program, he has to feel that sex with you is unforgettable.

Phlegmatic persons are often very clean, the untidy appearance can push away them. However, and with other types of temperaments of feeling do not cancel the rule of hygiene. The phlegmatic person is just that man who can sincerely tell: “Why you are painted, you and without cosmetics are pleasant to me”. Similar also the man of other temperament, but already for absolutely other reasons can tell something.

How to satisfy the melancholic?

The melancholic – the disturbing and sensitive introvert. He is impressionable, vulnerable, emotions quickly arise, replace each other, are experienced brightly, but externally all this is not visible. Externally melancholics always seem quiet, slowly speak, slowly move, inertly gesticulate, can be timid and unsociable because are rather afraid of people – those can cause inadvertently to them mental anguish, offend.

The melancholic only in loneliness or in the company of people very close to him to which he completely trusts and, in whose love, it is absolutely confident relaxes. The melancholia in much smaller degree the egoist, than all others, he wants that it was good everything that everything was correct, frankly, and for the sake of it he is ready to move and make concessions or even the victims. The person who is interested whether it is convenient to you to sit so whether the plaid is necessary to you whether not to give you some tea.

    The melancholic wants love. He needs a talk on a shop, hugs, long touches.

It does not mean that he is not capable to fast spontaneous actions, is very capable. The melancholic very well feels the partner and automatically adapts to her, at least he is concerned by your feelings, and if you give him feedback, you grow up the ideal spouse for yourself.

He should not be struck with a cherry from cake, to unexpectedly get handcuffs and a lash from a bedside table. If your man the melancholic, you have to learn to do sensual blowjob, the melancholic will estimate it. The melancholic is very sensitive and gentle, for him it is good to learn all types and ways of massage. With the melancholic as with anybody, it is important to you to develop the intuition, for example having learned to guess on tarot cards.

At the end of the narration always is “but”. In article tactful steps, but life – a thing unpredictable are collected, it is impossible to be ready to everything, so, it is necessary to have the spare scenario or to be guided by an intuition, especially if between you love!

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Dependent people are inclined to virtual love


cyber love– Presently, when communication between the man and the woman passes, in many respects, into the sphere of information technologies, in the virtual world often there is not only an acquaintance, but also development of the relations, including feelings which it is accepted to call virtual love arise. Why people go on such relations? Whether it is possible to call the main reason for this step a lack of acquaintances of reality or such people have some specific features?

– Online, there are many different types of people, and a lot of unhealthy people, it is a lot of normal people who just were a little bit lost, at the moment. If to speak terms, then at the moment if in global sense to look, there is population i.e. leaving from the real world in Internet space and the virtual relations.

On the level of prosperity of people, it is possible to divide into several categories. The first category is people who constantly work and earn a little, at them the self-assessment, but not in all cases, as a rule, suffers, we speak now about those who constantly are online. The second category is “office” workers, at them life on the Internet occurs literally constantly: they are online at work, their work is connected with the Internet, they have various means of communication there – WhatsApp, Skype, webcam chat rooms, i.e. it is a lot of references on which constantly someone hangs and something answers. There is still the third category – it is wealthy people who are engaged in some business and in it are deepened. Them, by the way, very small percent in the virtual world, and in virtual love because they have no time to be engaged in it, they read news on the Internet more and take information useful to their work.

People of low prosperity, as a rule, have a problem in the afternoon to go on-line because their work is not connected with office, they have no tablet, the laptop, the computer, but they began to get out of this situation – they install the Internet in phone. Lately I very often faced on consultations that office workers begin to create affairs with those, who have an Internet only in phone. Also you know how they define them? If you on the computer correspond, then you put smiles, ends, commas and expanded text messages are given and if you correspond from phone, then to you laziness to look for somewhere a dot, a comma, and messages, as a rule, avaricious. People with not big vital are in the Internet generally in the evening or at half of the night, seldom who leaves after three, it occurs, as a rule, if you communicate with any one virtual person in many ways such as sex cams. Read More

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