How to Pick Up Girls at a Party

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A question I get asked often. The answer is simple – be yourself, have confidence and don’t worry about what other people think! This article will show you how to pick up girls without embarrassment or anxiety. If you are shy then take the time to read this first so that when it comes to talking to women in bars or clubs you can do it confidently, naturally and with ease.

First of all, let’s look at where we meet our potential partners for dating and relationships. Most likely if you’re reading this article, you’re single and looking for love. Where else could you find them but at parties and social events? So why not use some basic party pickup techniques which work every time. These skills will help you attract any girl you like regardless of her age, appearance or whether she knows who you are. You’ll never need to feel intimidated, nervous or tongue tied again as long as you follow these steps.

Relax and enjoy your night out; remember there is no right way or wrong way to approach a woman. Just make sure you talk to lots of different ones, because after all isn’t variety the spice of life! There are loads of great articles on internet showing exactly how men should act around women. They give tips on everything from eye contact, body language and general conversation. But here’s my quick version of those top 10 things they suggest men do.


It sounds obvious but it works wonders. When approaching anyone smile big and broad. Give an open confident greeting by using their name. Be polite and friendly. Don’t ignore someone just because they are dressed inappropriately. Remember everyone has bad days.

Be assertive

Approach someone face on and introduce yourself. Offer to buy drinks for the person next to you. Make eye contact, even stare into her when you speak. Never sit behind someone chatting over their shoulder. Keep smiling and saying hello until the lady actually looks back at you. And always ask questions. Ask for advice, opinions or suggestions about something.

Don’t go overboard

One thing guys tend to forget is that women aren’t interested in you unless you want them too…so don’t push your interest onto them. Women hate being pestered. She may say yes to one drink but you shouldn’t keep asking her. Let her decide. Always leave room for rejection.

Keep conversations light and fun

Talking to strangers is scary enough without having to listen to endless boring stories about themselves. Get involved in the conversation, but only after you’ve had a few drinks. Avoid starting sentences with ‘you know’ and ‘I’m really sorry’. Instead try to use humor. For example, “you know Sally likes horses” instead of “do you know Sally?” Also avoid clichés like “You look hot tonight!” Try to relate the experience back to something you both share together.

Ask interesting questions

Talk about anything except sex (women are embarrassed enough already). Find common ground between yourselves. Maybe you both collect vintage cars? Or maybe you both live nearby? Whatever the case, find something to connect with.

Give compliments

Compliments build attraction faster than anything else. Tell her she smells nice, looked stunning etc. Look for unique ways to compliment her rather than generic comments. Here’s an idea; tell her how much you admire her dress, shoes, hair style or jewelry. Say “your lipstick matches your eyes perfectly”. Then repeat later “Your lips match your gorgeous eyes.” Even better try to add something personal, like “that necklace is absolutely amazing, I wish I was brave enough to wear it myself.”

Tell jokes

Jokes are great ice breakers. Nothing beats telling funny stories to start off a conversation. You won’t regret doing it once you see the reaction on her face. Start slow though and make sure they are appropriate. Don’t joke about rape, murder or drugs. Stick to more upbeat comedy.

Show interests

Showing interest means listening and responding properly. Listen to her answers and respond accordingly. Don’t interrupt her mid-sentence. Don’t laugh before she does either. Wait till she finishes and then reply.

Listen carefully

Sometimes people don’t realize they sound patronizing. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything she says. However, if you disagree politely and respectfully it shows respect for her opinion. Listening also shows you care about what she says.

Touch occasionally

Touching another person’s hand while speaking or patting someone on the arm lets them know you are thinking of them. Hold the door open for ladies or offer to carry bags. If you’re feeling romantic perhaps lean across the table and kiss her cheek ever now and then. Again, don’t rush it. Slow builds passion and desire.

Have fun

This is the main point of going out. Enjoy meeting new people and letting loose a little bit. Have fun with the whole process.

So there you have it, step by step guide to picking up girls at a party. Follow these guidelines and you will soon become an expert at making connections and getting dates. Happy Partying!

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