10 reasons why men ghost you after first date

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Every day in different areas of our globe one girl because the man after the first appointment was gone cries at least. It seems to her that the reason only in her or “he is such rascal! And why I run on such”. Let’s understand. There are at least 10 reasons why so happens.

1. Complaints and whining

The woman on the first appointment throws out all the problems, cares and difficulties on the man. Why did you go on a date? If it is necessary to be uttered, either to the psychologist, or to the girlfriend.

2. Loss of Control

There are women (and men too, but we now about girls) who are not able to control themselves in the companies. Especially after a glass sparkling or what is stronger than. It not the most pleasant show if the man does not drink. Begin to behave provocatively. Do not control the gestures, rushes, the speech.

 3. Expectation / Reality

If got acquainted on a dating site and the girl has photos only from a photoshoot there: smart images, make-up, laying. And in life it walks in jeans and a t-shirt. Discrepancy of an image. Men visualize, and first of all to them “picture” is important too.

4. Hidden Aggression

The girl on the first appointment behaves aggressively and projects the discontent with men or last relationship on that person with someone kept the appointment, pins up, depreciates, corrects the speech, manners, knows more better it all about what he tells, interrupts. The man went on a date with the woman, but not with the rival with whom it is necessary to be measured by merits.

5. Too Easy

The man could go on a date with the purpose “to come to it on a cup of tea”, and she in general was does not mind. There are two options: or they will amicably disperse, or, most likely, the man will perceive this woman as the person for satisfaction of the requirements. Or will be gone because there was a purpose – and it is reached.

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 6. Pickup Artist

Also, could or on a bet, or for the personal tick to go on a date with the girl. For itself closed requirement (achievement) and went to set the new purposes.

 7. Just it did not work out

Both the man, and the woman are adequate. And, it seems, could continue communication. But either he, or she were frightened of something, something guarded, for the reasons were not ready to go further and instead of speaking these moments, just decided to close this story silently.

8. Disinterest

The woman kept the appointment and broadcasts absolute indifference to the man. Sits in phone. Stirs by phone if called. Not included in dialogue.

 9. Waiting Mode

Everything was fine. Then the man and the truth had urgent matters, work, the processes, and he all went to the tasks. The woman did not show interest further, and it was ashamed to write and call then too. She waits. And he waits. To her it is inconvenient. And to it is inconvenient. Besides, everything goes from the fact that the man and the woman are not able to talk openly.

 10. Lack of Attraction

It is simply banal it was not pleasant. In her everything is good. In it too everything is normal. But so happens. Her some traits of character / an appearance / manner to speak pushed away. Or just indifference, and he did not want to waste time any more. Perfectly spent time, dispersed and did not meet any more.

From the above-mentioned it is possible to draw a conclusion: there is no certain template of female and male behavior where it is possible to calculate, someone is guilty and why so happened.

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