Obvious signs that a girl likes you

girlwholikesyouWhat meant Sharon Stone in a known scene of “The main instinct” when and so crossed the legs, and so? And why the cops watching it that reddened, turned pale, and even at all were close to a faint? We answer: because understood – it sent them CCC – the hidden SEXUAL SIGNAL.

The woman tells not everything words. It the ringlet play with that, will touch suddenly accidentally. And even the extremity on an extremity will throw – even if and not specially… If she wants you, she will tell about it, without having uttered the uniform word, and simply giving you the different hidden SEXUAL SIGNALS. But worst of all, when before the lady the block which does not understand a clear signs!

1. Close contact
The girl, it seems, accidentally coming nearer to you, it wants to appear close, she slowly enters your zone – centimeters on forty to your person. She expects response. Let’s tell that you smiled…
The woman should mean: sometimes the stupid come across. No, even still growing dull. The man should mean: if do not let down it until she understands that you understood it

2. Display of armpits
She leans back, represents slackness, baring armpits.
The woman should mean: it is quite good, if at you with an epilation everything is all right.
Men should mean: she understands that does. To whom such got will not show.

3. Playing with hair
Playing hair, she touches them, without looking away, – the woman obviously WANTS that you concerned them. The woman should mean: if HE GAVE the HAND to your hair – he yours. The man should mean: it can be a strong indication of her persuasive sexual desire.

4. Unostentatious exhibitionism
The dress slips from a shoulder, and she allegedly does not notice. And, notice, the shoulder is bared just when… The woman should mean: it is dangerous to make these tricks with someone at the friendly party. Men keep in mind: only do not think that it became hot, actually she wants rapprochement.

5. Neck exposure
It as if holds up a neck, all such defenseless. Pure water CCC. The woman should mean: you are sure, what it is necessary to you? The man should mean: praise her hair if you wish something.

6. Timid geisha
She takes eyes aside and down – all such decent and timid. SURE SIGN: she obviously wants will get acquainted with you!
The woman should mean: if for a long time to look away, he can after all look in other party. The man should mean: if within a minute she again darted a glance at you – means, happiness in your hands. Some forge while it is hot.

7. Palm weather vane
If the woman looks at you, having put a chin on fingers, and the palm is slightly turned to you, – means, it is ready on a lot of things. The woman should mean: watch how your palms that did not misunderstand you are twisted. The man should mean: until think, it can invert a palm.

8. Silly fellow
At you it starts giggling, doing nonsenses, to react to everything, as the little girl. The woman should mean: he can think that you indeed that, are inadequate. The man should mean: at it can leave unintentionally, and can – specially.

9. Oblique glance
Furtively the woman darts at you a sidelong glance. And if repeats it still?! You are precisely interesting to it, but she wants to seem unperturbable. But you will not spend the CCC man let into secrets! The woman should mean: exercise also is useful for eyes, removes stress. The man should mean: whether there is no whom still behind the back to whom views are addressed, – and only then ask it how to go to library.

10. Stroking
If she strokes the shoulders, hips correct shoulder-straps. Women should mean: by youth and inexperience stroking can be turned into. And it is pleasant to men when the woman that caresses itself. The man should mean: she waits that you will approach and start talking.

11. Playing with jewelry
If she stares at you, playing with her necklace (can simply trifle with something). She wants that you approached closer. The woman should mean: finger everything that will come hand. But the necklace of some can frighten off. The man should mean: It not: and if at it the chain simply got confused?. It – go it wants to present you something tasty here.

12. Demonstration of legs
And so will sit down, and put the leg on a leg, will lift them, will bind, a shoe will shake. Oh!
The woman should mean: beautiful legs are our destructive power! The man should mean: in it simply a chasm of not dissipated sexual energy.

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