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During lazy nights you lurk at home with tablet in your hands. You probably know live sex chat cams are offering many ways to relax and there are many models of how you can have private sex chat with cam girls. There are two main ways that are most popular among webcam sex community members. Here I will try to observe and give you some insights of what is better according to survey we threw on a major forum where models are sharing their camming experience.

Cheap tokens cams perspective

It’s a lot cheaper comparing to classic private sex shows because it’s based on group economy. A lot of people pay a model to perform a show and everybody is watching and chatting with the performer. This model is good for those who are looking for cheapest way to watch cam girls, but there is one downside for using that. There is nothing personal with such cybersex. As many people are using it there is no space to get personal and intimate with cam girl because of a group chat phenomenon. New members prefer this way to watch cam girl because with just a couple bucks you tip the girl – that moment of glory girls pays attention to you. But later on, next guy sends some tips and you are forgotten. However, it’s the cheapest way to have an entertaining night with cam girls.

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Private sex shows perspective

By results of survey, this model is used by premium members and of course by those who like the girl a lot. Many told that they started to chat with girl from tipping model, but later on they wanted to have her only to themselves and that is how private sex shows started. It costs more, but comparing the experience you get – it’s worth every dollar you spend. Regular members have few favorite cam girls with whom they spend 80% of their time and the rest 20% is being spent looking what’s new on cams. It’s because they know most of the models and are interested in favorites and new ones. It’s an interesting fact – they started from cheap nude chat and later on jumped to become premium members to use discounted private chat offers, but with only a few cam girls they really like. Premium members know what they want.

Preference of cam girls

There is no significant difference of what girls prefer. But one thing that is worth paying attention is that most popular girls are going to private more often. This can be explained by the fact that they already have their fan base and most of them book private time. They feel no need to go and free chat with people because of the member base they already have formed.

Finally, the main conclusion is that the best way to get known for new cam girls is to go live with tipping model and later on slightly move to private sex chat shows once they form a base of loyal fans who go private on a regular basis. Most popular girls prefer private and pre-selected members as it’s much more pleasurable to them, sex is fun and having few virtual boyfriends is fun and entertaining for models.

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