Dependent people are inclined to virtual love

cyber love– Presently, when communication between the man and the woman passes, in many respects, into the sphere of information technologies, in the virtual world often there is not only an acquaintance, but also development of the relations, including feelings which it is accepted to call virtual love arise. Why people go on such relations? Whether it is possible to call the main reason for this step a lack of acquaintances of reality or such people have some specific features?

– Online, there are many different types of people, and a lot of unhealthy people, it is a lot of normal people who just were a little bit lost, at the moment. If to speak terms, then at the moment if in global sense to look, there is population i.e. leaving from the real world in Internet space and the virtual relations.

On the level of prosperity of people, it is possible to divide into several categories. The first category is people who constantly work and earn a little, at them the self-assessment, but not in all cases, as a rule, suffers, we speak now about those who constantly are online. The second category is “office” workers, at them life on the Internet occurs literally constantly: they are online at work, their work is connected with the Internet, they have various means of communication there – WhatsApp, Skype, webcam chat rooms, i.e. it is a lot of references on which constantly someone hangs and something answers. There is still the third category – it is wealthy people who are engaged in some business and in it are deepened. Them, by the way, very small percent in the virtual world, and in virtual love because they have no time to be engaged in it, they read news on the Internet more and take information useful to their work.

People of low prosperity, as a rule, have a problem in the afternoon to go on-line because their work is not connected with office, they have no tablet, the laptop, the computer, but they began to get out of this situation – they install the Internet in phone. Lately I very often faced on consultations that office workers begin to create affairs with those, who have an Internet only in phone. Also you know how they define them? If you on the computer correspond, then you put smiles, ends, commas and expanded text messages are given and if you correspond from phone, then to you laziness to look for somewhere a dot, a comma, and messages, as a rule, avaricious. People with not big vital are in the Internet generally in the evening or at half of the night, seldom who leaves after three, it occurs, as a rule, if you communicate with any one virtual person in many ways such as sex cams. Read More

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